Institutional Forms & Urban Logics was a masters studio at the Royal College of Art in London that ran from 2014-17. It was initiated as a project based around the study of institutions. The research was founded upon the question of institutions in relation to the urban, explored through a new lens each year. As our cities continue to grow at unprecedented rates, from fantastical branded enclaves to deregulated sprawl, their relentless proliferation outpaces our capacity to plan them. Institutions are our means to critique and intervene in this condition.

2014 - 2015

The Ghost in the Machine

You can find the full 14/15 brief here,

2015 - 2016

New Subjectivities

The 15/16 brief can be found here,

2016 - 2017

Units, Scales and Measures

The 16/17 brief is available here.

2014/15, 15/16 & 16/17

Student Projects

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