2014 - 2015

The Ghost in the Machine

Daniel Masterman (2nd Year)

Project Title

What effect does privatisation have on institutions today? ‘Public’ spaces that exist under corporate ownership control and manipulate the way society uses them, whilst the role of the private sector warps the appearance of our public services as well. Prisons placed under contract have had their ideology inverted; a system once centred around reform has now become one that strives to generate profit. But is there a chance that the privatisation of such institutes can be used to overcome deeper-lying issues, such as integration within wider society?

Situated within Barking Riverside’s proposed masterplan, Just Tactics looks to invert the typical Youth Offender Institute’s architectural typology into one of access rather than isolation, bringing issues that were previously hidden beneath the surface to the fore. Can society accept a level of dependence on something that it inherently detests?

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