2014 - 2015

The Ghost in the Machine

Navi Masutomi (2nd Year)

Canvey Island Landscape Rehabilitation Clinic

The conflict between nature and economic development calls for a vision that is able to negotiate their symbiosis. Today, informal regional institutions are gaining power where such issues are most critical.  Their fragile and unassuming relations reveal an approach that seems to keep peace in controversial regions and mediates biodiversity and economic ambitions. As part of this process, nature is transformed into a politicised entity and its landscape shaped by their governance.

This project is a critical response to the fragile relationship between nature, economic development and the institutions that govern them in the Thames Estuary. Canvey Island Landscape Clinic calls firstly for landscape rehabilitations, that is the healing of places that are disturbed by the processes of urbanistation, and secondly for social rehabilitation.  It reengages human occupations with various landscapes, serving in particular the aging population of the island.  It addresses the notion of society and economy altogether, as an institution or ecology, which reconstructions nature into a socially productive landscape.


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