2014 - 2015

The Ghost in the Machine

Nada Tayeb (2nd Year)

Wasting Time

The conceptual field of leisure is vast and the ‘meaning’ or question of ‘what is leisure’ has no definitive answer. The project has sought to decentre the subject of leisure and free time: to defamiliarise the familiar in order to find hidden nuances and distortions in the ‘experience of leisure.’

The proposal calls for an electronic waste recycling facility to be situated in Hallsville Quarter­ the new heart of Canning Town. The centre principally feeds off the electronic waste of Canary Wharf; the obsolete, defunct instruments of productivity and labour. The industrial typology and diagram of a productive nexus plays hosts to an entirely different occupation and concept of leisure which has its roots in individual choice, autonomy and self­determination. Developing a hybrid programme which fundamentally challenges the urban relationship between industrial infrastructure and civic project; the spatial and institutional logic of the waste facility is intersected with undefined loose terrains where the spatial indeterminacy of free space is ready to accommodate situations of unpredictability and ‘otherness’ inherent to the reading of leisure. Without relinquishing its conceptual and spatial relationship to labour, the programme does not revert to a linear, institutional provision of leisure, and the architectural apparatus offers a degree of openness and potential for use or occupation where temporary grounds of play are claimed between the normality of ordinary everyday space.


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