2015 - 2016

New Subjectivities

Carmel Keren (1st Year)

The thesis explores how multiculturalism is manifested in the socio-political environment of Tower Hamlets, questioning: Is multiculturalism a construct? And can the architecture of public institutions and public spaces act as a catalyst for cross-cultural debate? Set within the proposed ‘Whitechapel Vision’ masterplan, the project proposes an alternative model of a town hall and town square. This is manifested by directing Whitechapel Street through the council chamber in a gesture that breaks down the inaccessible and corrupt local political system by allowing locals to have far greater engagement and knowledge of what currently goes on behind closed doors. The town square contains spaces for debate and provides small foothold for local communities to assert their presence and take ownership of public space.


Find out more about Carmel’s topic with the research article ->

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