2015 - 2016

New Subjectivities

Hema Ganesan (1st Year)

There is currently a nostalgia for slowness, for inefficiency and imperfection manifested in an embrace of object and craft and small batch, cottage industry. This fetishisation of slowness implies a paradigm shift where time acquires a currency-like quality. This project is a time bank situated in the city of London. Timebanking is a means of exchange between people and parties where time is the principal currency. Everyone’s time is equal, irrespective of what services are being exchanged. The immensely wealthy livery companies of the City of London comprise London’s ancient and modern trade associations and guilds, which were responsible for their respective crafts, trades and professions. At present, the livery companies involved in making have few resources in order to facilitate and promote growth and interest in their craft.


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