2015 - 2016

New Subjectivities

Jessica Lyons (2nd Year)

Progressive Pedagogies in Westminster

What impact might the introduction of Progressive Educational Spaces and childhood experience have on the urban context of Westminster? Societal constructs are embedded in our most dominant institutions—education, family, religion, governance—and in the architecture that hosts them. The project focuses on the education sector, where a person’s social understanding is at its most impressionable.

By positioning a field of satellite spaces around Westminster to form a network through the borough, the existing city context is interrupted. The aim of the project is to disrupt the current hierarchies and social constructs that are currently engrained within Westminster. The gaps between the schools of Westminster are bridged by providing shared educational spaces and inserting children into the urban context. The five proposals are: The Child Well-being Centre near Grosvenor Square, The Forest School, near Carnaby Street, The Toy Library on Savile Row, The UK Youth Parliament adjacent to the Houses of Parliament and the treetop Coding Workshops in Lillington Green Estate, Pimlico. These interventions encourage a change in the environment, whereby the exposure of childhood experience breaks down the social dynamics within the city.


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