2015 - 2016

New Subjectivities

Max Bontoft (1st Year)

The project began with an investigation into the physicality of the ‘cloud’ internet, mapping how the infrastructure of the internet has been layered on top of obsolete communication systems, favouring convenience over efficiency. Undersea cables follow their colonial telegraph predecessors and networks pile on top of each other, inadvertently inheriting the idealised promises and political messiness of those before. The proposal calls for the establishment of a new Institutional body located in Enderby Wharf, Greenwich that negotiates new global cable routes currently serving as the Internet’s backbone. The institution works in tandem with a Copper Reclamation Centre (a working landscape) and a Carbon-Cable Factory (the sleek machine) that salvage the material of the now out-dated network and facilitate its upgrade through the production of new and advanced materials. Utilising freight traffic along the Thames, the project reinvigorates an industrial heritage now under threat by a number of residential schemes.


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