2015 - 2016

New Subjectivities

Nikolaus Rach (2nd Year)

Bromley Performance Centre

The site of the project is an island in East-London’s Lea Valley that is distinguished by its rich texture of industrial structures and hidden back yards. In 2012, the site was bought by Vastint—a developer that belongs to the Inter-IKEA group. They were granted permission for a vast masterplan that will transform the character of the island. The project alters the masterplan to sustain small scale creative businesses (including Sugar House Studios) that set up their workspace on site. The proposed structure incorporates a theatre and a collective workspace for creative freelancers in the media and performance industries. It sets up a workspace that fosters collaboration within an increasingly individualised and unprotected group of workers that is systematically exposed to precarious working conditions. It is a new institution that supports this emerging demographic whilst also establishing a leisure space for the upcoming neighbourhood.


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