2016 - 2017

Units, Scales and Measures

Berenice Martin (1st Year)

Continuous Grounds

Processes of learning are constantly evolving and the traditional idea of the classroom as an instructor-focused learning space is becoming outmoded. The growth of computer-based instruction, video projection, and other telecommunication requirements in everyday life is causing us to rethink traditional educational patterns and their consequent spatial relationships. The proposal is a contemporary learning environment based on flexibility and creativity aiming to innovate the planning and design of pedagogical spaces. Located in Hackney between a church and a railway line, the building creates a powerful focus for the ongoing physical and social regeneration of the borough. As a manifestation of the idea of flexibility, the scheme proposes interconnected volumes that are arranged over three stepped levels. A dialectic of revealing and concealing runs throughout the building, constantly driving the viewer into unexpected spaces and creating an awareness of the multiple activities playing out on the different levels.


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