2016 - 2017

Units, Scales and Measures

Danae Haratsis (2nd Year)

No Standards

The past decade has seen an increasing fetishization of small spaces. Capitalising on this shift of common desires, developers tend to reduce the size of dwellings whilst trying to minimise any reduction in value. Rather than being a safety net the minimum is almost interpreted as a statement of good practice; in this context, the minimum becomes the standard. Current real estate developments are tangible examples of real estate value trades - within the same building, for two identical flats, the value keeps on increasing as one goes higher up in floors. It is the view that is commodified and sold in this case. Would it be possible to reverse this system in place, keeping price rather than space as a constant, and to create apartments that reflect the trades their inhabitants make? No standard takes on the lack of affordability and excessive standardisation of housing in London. It aims to provide a means of bypassing the negativity implied when working with minimum standards, as well as the imposition of prescribed lifestyles upon inhabitants. No standard creates places responding to the way that people want to live.


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