2016 - 2017

Units, Scales and Measures

Florian Scheucher (1st Year)

Imagine an undefined political territory. Not capriciously drawn on a map, neither invented nor constructed, one that evolved out of a decade long neglect and disregard of accepted provisions in the heart of Europe. This is Lake Constance. Placed at the junction of three public ferry routes that cross the lake, a mass lies floating on the wavy water. It is not an institution imposing a new world order or trying to take power from anyone. It is a centre for interpersonal dispute resolution. A place where involved parties can enter into a parallel logic of relational thinking and adopt the consensual nature of the lake to resolve conflicts between them. Breaking down hierarchy and power over each other, the facility can deal with a variety of personal conflicts, from relationship counselling, prenups and divorces to neighbours fighting over dogs and fences.


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