2016 - 2017

Units, Scales and Measures

Sophie Worsnop (2nd Year)

The Future of British Psychiatry

The development of modern psychiatry has traced a sine-wave-like path between progress and pitfall. Recently, prominent speeches, campaign pledges and new policies, have all worked to bring mental health back to the forefront of our political agenda. Riding this changing tide, Daily Dose proposes a new treatment space, one which might help advance the interwoven strands of this complex issue. Daily Dose’s proposal consists of three care pathways, each a spatial programme of its own, intertwined in one building. Combining the holistic, medical and non medical - these elements remain separated where demanded, merging where opportune, splicing through both plan and section. Each aspect of the programme in turn is allied to a carefully curated set of environments and atmospheres. Locating the proposal in the heart of Elephant and Castle challenges the assumption that somewhere quiet and hidden is appropriate – essentially another form of stigmatising the illness. Instead the project is located in plain sight to promote and celebrate mental health treatment.


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