2016 - 2017

Units, Scales and Measures

Ludovica Gilio (2nd Year)

Lessons Learned

Our society is organised around a highly stratified generational model. The first eighteen years of our lives are protected and recognised at an institutional level and are seen as a time to prepare for our most productive years. Unsettled by seismic demographic shifts, this institutionalised image of a three-stage life course is transitioning into a more varied one where categories like work, education and leisure are atomised and dispersed through the life course. Lesson Learned rethinks what lifelong learning could mean. It proposes a new form of learning economy based on knowledge transfer rather than knowledge output. This new model engages with the abundance of under-utilised knowledge possessed by the ageing population and interrogates the spatial transformations that this shift may prompt. Could a different form of knowledge economy redefine the school typology?


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